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Gift Tin-Osmanthus Black Dragon 桂花九曲红梅

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Tin Size: 60g


Osmanthus Black Dragon comes from Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province—the same tea production area of the renowned Long Jing green tea—is a world-famous black tea with high reputation.

The dry leaves of Black Dragon are as thin as hair and as tight as silver hooks topped with fine golden hair. Brew the tea with boiled water for about 5-15 seconds (depends on personal preferences) as the first infusion and then you will be deeply attracted by its beautiful tea soup and wonderful taste. Our Osmanthus Black Drago is made with fresh Osmanthus buds to give it another layer of floral aroma, so you can feel a complex of floral fragrance with a special sweet smell of Prunus mume (or called Japanese apricot) and Osmanthus. Meanwhile, the tea will provide you an incredibly smooth mouth feel with hints of sweetness and moisture.


Origin: Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Aroma: Floral sweet with Osmanthus and Prunus mume smell

Liquor: Bright and clear reddish orange

Taste: Smooth mouth feel with hints of floral sweetness and moist aftertaste

Brew tips

Weight: 5g

Water : 180ml

Temperature: 95°C

1st - 3rd Steep: 5-10 seconds

Every subsequent steep: add 20 seconds.