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Gift Tin-Snow Jasmine 碧潭飘雪

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Snow Jasmine was named for the pale white down that coats the leaves, resembling fresh snowfall. The base green tea is Gan Lu, or sweet dew, from Mengding Mountain in Sichuan. Young leaf buds were handpicked in early spring, pan roasted, finished, and stored until summer jasmine season. In total, our Snow Jasmine received six rounds of jasmine scenting. The result is a sweet and intensely aromatic tea with wispy leaves. When steeped, they unravel to reveal delicate young leaf buds and an intoxicating bouquet of sweet nectar, lily, and jasmine.

Scenting: an initial low temperature baking dried the tea, and a fresh layer of jasmine flowers are scattered over the leaves. The dry tea absorbs the residual moisture and aromatic oils from the flowers overnight.


Origin: Sichuan Province

Aroma: Fresh and pure jasmine aroma

Liquor: Bright yellow green

Taste: Fresh, sweet and smooth accompanied with soft taste and long-lasting jasmine aroma

Scenting: 6 times of scenting

Storage: Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated