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A Simple Matcha Ritual Workshop

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Two sessions available:
Saturday April 20, 11:00am-12:30pm, 1:00pm-2:30pm 
Location: 4-235 Spadina Ave. Toronto. M5T 2E2

Learn the basics of making a bowl of matcha in a simplified ritual with Helen Kong. There will be a demonstration on Ryakubon Temae (Tray Procedure) of making tea. This is the basic teachings of chado where it can be easily practiced with minimum tea tools in any home. After the demo, participants will be guided through a simplified version. 

Helen will cover: like 
- how to carve time and space to rest and enjoy this process of making and drinking tea
- how to create a ritual and have these skills transferable to other mindful mediums
- how to care for your own teawares and tea tools

Sweet: a piece of dried fruit and wasanbon (Japanese pressed fine sugar candy)
Tea: Koyamaen Wako Matcha

We will provide the bowls and tools or feel free to bring your own tea bowl, bamboo whisk, and scoop. 

Tea bowls ($65-$70), whisk ($50), Scoop ($20), and tea linen ($20) available for sale. 

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Michelle B
Simple Matcha Ritual Workshop

Hi. I enjoyed the Matcha Ritual Workshop very much! I learned so many interesting things about Japanese tea ceremony and how to incorporate it into/adapt it for a more casual, everyday ritual. It was a really meaningful experience that I am still thinking about several weeks later. I would love to attend more tea workshops. And the ICHA TEA space is beautiful. I hope to visit again to learn about/try some Chinese tea too.