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December 31 Tea Ceremony and Tea Tasting Event

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This special time of the year we’d like to bring you something exceptional and delightful. As our unique way to express our true gratitude to your all-year-round support and trust in ICHA TEA, we’d like to give something full of uniqueness and happiness back to you. 

We will host a very momentous and memorable version of Tea Tasting event, which will started by the traditional Chinese tea ceremony and then dive into the tasting of authentic Chinese tea deliberately sourced by ICHA TEA. 


Part 1: Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony which will impress you.

The origins and history of tea date back almost 5000 years ago and tea itself now is the most widely consumed beverage in the world has both a historical and cultural importance that can't be rivaled.

Tea can connect the past and the present of Chinese history, and tea can also bridge the whole world from east to west. Tea has been nourishing Chinese people for thousands of years, and tea also plays an important role in enriching people's everyday life around the whole world. 

Tea is much more than just a healthy drink, but also a belief. Thanks to tea, we can still experience the beauty of life even though our life is not always perfect. 

We will deliver a traditional Chinese tea ceremony to kick off this special event by our certified Tea Connoisseur. We believe you will be deeply impressed by the elegance, the serenity and peacefulness brought by the performance. All you need to do is just stay in the moment and enjoy. 

Part 2: Tea Tasting Session

Our tea tasting experience is always educational, restorative and inclusive. This time, we are going to taste 3 special version of tea we just got for the new year. 

Guests will learn about traditionally made teas through our expert-guided tasting session and leave with practical tips and techniques to continue brewing tea with confidence, along with a new appreciation for this historic beverage.

We are going to taste three different teas with different characteristics and performance. 

  • White Moonlight (Yue Guang Bai White tea), Jinggu, Yunnan Province
  • Osmanthus Black Dragon, Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
  • Ripened Pu-erh, Menghai, Yunan Province


What to expect:

  • The elegance and serenity from the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony you haven’t experienced before. 
  • Deep appreciation of high-grade Chinese tea deliberately sourced by us which will definitely bring you enjoyment and excitement. 
  • Useful tea knowledge and practical tips you can apply into your everyday tea life. 
  • Meaningful connection with like-minded tea friends.


Everyone is warmly welcomed to join us to embark on this pleasant tea appreciation journey with us this December. 

Event Date and Time

December 31, Sunday @ 11:00am-12:30 pm

                                           1:30pm-3:00 pm


996 Queen St. W, ICHA TEA 

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